Be a BootDipper!


As spring arrives, it’s the perfect time to reassess biosecurity practices on our dairy farms.  A recent UK Dairy Biosecurity Survey from Progiene highlighted that while 89% of UK dairy farms reported having biosecurity protocols, only 30% were implementing them regularly, and the biggest reasons for lack of implementation were a lack of time, sited by 54% of dairy farmers and staff understanding by 41% of dairy farmers.

A part of the survey, farmers were asked about their boot dip protocols.  The results showed that while 80% of dairy farms have a disinfectant boot dip available, more than 50% weren’t changing it regularly. More concerning was the fact that 70% of farmers stated that they followed the instructions when mixing disinfectant, but only 33% measure the volume of chemical used. 

Footbaths are frequently the first line defence as part of a biosecurity protocol and the use of foot baths should be mandatory for all farm staff & visitors. 

BootDipper Top Tips

·       Place your footbath on a hard surface, close to the entry point of your building.  Ideally near a water source.

·       Ensure your footbath has a known volume for correct dilution, is easy to use, has a lid and is highly visible to all visitors.

·       Seek advice regarding the correct disinfectant for your individual farm situation.  Are you concerned about TB, Coccidiosis, or Cryptosporosis?  Ask the Progiene team who can recommend the appropriate disinfectant.

·       Disinfection is only effective after thorough cleaning – remove excess soil and organic matter before dipping footwear.

·       Replace contents of your footbath after 15 uses, or more frequently if the disinfectant becomes heavily soiled.

During April and May (while stocks last) Progiene are running a BootDipper campaign for farmers via retailer.  This campaign offer means that farmers can purchase VirocurTibicur or Coxicur with a footbath as a BootDipper bundle for a special offer price.  This pre-calibrated footbath provides an easy solution to accurately and consistently achieve the correct concentration for disinfectants and comes with audit stickers and an advice poster for display on farm.  Point of sale material, including posters, shelf barkers and social and digital content is available for retailers to maximise this opportunity.