Hoofcount footbath winner announced at AgriScot

A Cumbrian dairy farmer was presented with his prize of a Hoofcount Automatic Footbath at AgriScot, on behalf of Progiene.
James Steel, who runs a herd of 500 Holstein Friesian’s in Cockermouth said he is very surprised to have won the footbath. “I’m not usually one to enter these types of competitions. But, as a user of Progiene products we saw the competition online, entered and here we are now,” he says.
The system Mr Steel and the team at Annshill are running, sees them milking three times a day on an all-year-round housed basis. “Dairy hygiene plays a significant role in maintaining cow performance and productivity on-farm, and is therefore an area we don’t compromise on.
“Our footbathing routine is just as important as our milking routine. When cows enter the parlour, udders are cleaned with a pre-foam and them wiped with a washable udder cloth to remove any potential muck and bacteria.
“Then, each day, after afternoon milking, all cows walk through a footbath, which is replenished two to three times per milking. This is common place for us, and consequently we have few problems with lameness within the herd,” he says.
“The new footbath will be a welcome addition to our existing system and we look forward to seeing the benefits this may bring us,” he adds.
Mr Steel was presented with the voucher for the Hoofcount Automatic Footbath at AgriScot by Progiene’s product manager Alison Clark.  “At Progiene we’re constantly looking to help farmers improve on-farm efficiency through dairy hygiene.
“We’re thrilled to have such a deserving winner of our Hoofcount Automatic Footbath competition, and we’re very pleased to have been able to present the prize here at AgriScot. We look forward to hearing how James gets on with the footbath,” says Mrs Clark.