Innovative Clusterflush launched to the market

Removing the risk of cross infections in the parlour is the key driver behind the launch of a new Clusterflush chemical from Progiene, a division of Rumenco.
Puraclean Clusterflush is a highly concentrated, non-corrosive liquid disinfectant, free from quaternary ammonium compounds (QAC’s) and harsh acids.
Alison Clark, Progiene product manager explains that the addition of Puraclean Clusterflush to Progiene’s existing dairy hygiene range is an exciting and innovative development.
“Mastitis remains one of the major income draining issues on UK dairy farms. However, an effective hygiene routine, that includes disinfecting clusters between cows, can significantly help manage cross-infections in the parlour’, says Mrs Clark.
She explains that the presence of QAC’s in milk is a serious concern for milk buyers as it can affect bacterial cultures in the milk, impeding processing stages. “So, the fact that our Clusterflush is free from QAC’s is a real benefit.
“In addition, the product is less corrosive to milking equipment compared to acid based products, making it an ideal choice for pre-cleaning in robotic systems and is also much safer for the operator to use,” she adds.
“Our Clusterflush has many benefits but ultimately it’s a cost-effective, rapid acting product that is proven to reduce bacteria levels in 30 seconds, and tested to EN1656:2009. This is particularly important in swing-over parlours where there is less ‘unit off’ time,” says Mrs Clark.
Puraclean Clusterflush is available in 25L packs, with one highly concentrated pack making up a 200L solution to be dispersed at a 0.5% dilution through automatic cluster cleaning systems.