Rumenco has announced a strategic collaboration between their farm hygiene brand Progiene and Ecolab.

Thermoduric bacteria are a group of organisms that can survive high temperatures and cause the spoilage of milk and dairy products and more importantly, become a health hazard.

Rumenco’s dairy hygiene division Progiene, have taken on the distribution of the Uddergold teat dip range.

Progiene have launched a new footbath product as part of its developing Progiene dairy hygiene range.

Average incidence of mastitis in the UK dairy herd is estimated to be around 47 to 65 cases per 100 cows per year, or as high as two thirds of the herd.

At the recent NFU conference, Liz Truss outlined the government’s commitment to defeating bovine TB, and highlighted that they were on course to declare half of England TB-free by 2019.

A Cumbrian dairy farmer was presented with his prize of a Hoofcount Automatic Footbath at AgriScot, on behalf of Progiene.

A new area business manager, with hands on experience in parlour consultancy, has been appointed for the North of the UK, by leading dairy hygiene business Progiene.